TeleWeb: ABP News leads in TV + Internet reach in Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata news markets


The TeleWeb Audience Measurement has released data on the Hindi news genre. According to TeleWeb System All India 15+ 6 Metros April – June 2015, ABP News topped in terms of combined ratings which were 16 million. This was across markets of Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata where the consumption of Hindi News on the internet is high. ABP News on TV brought in ratings of 14.6 million, and on the internet brought in ratings of 2.3 million.
It was followed by Zee News and Aaj Tak. Aaj Tak had a higher combined reach of 16.9 million due to higher TV reach of 16 million. Its internet reach was lesser in comparison to Zee News at 1.7 million. Zee TV’s internet reach was 1.8 million but its TV reach was 12.5 million, which brought a combined reach of 13.8 million.
At the next spot was IBN7 which has a combined reach of 12.7 million. This mainly comprised of the TV reach of 12.1 million while the internet reach was 886,000. All the other news channels similarly had more reach on TV than on the internet. India TV had a combined reach of 13.7 million which had 13.4 million reach on TV and 422,000 reach on the internet. News 24 has a combined reach of 10.1 million with 9.8 million from TV and 350,000 from the internet. News Nation has a combined reach of 12 million with 12 million from TV and 39,000 from the internet. NDTV India has a combined reach of 11.9 million which comprise of 11.8 million from TV and 5,000 from the internet.

On the internet Hindi news consumption comes from majority males (70%) from SEC A (34%) and SEC CDE (38%) and people above 25+ years (54%). On TV however the consumption is more from the SEC CDE which is 49%. Women reach and viewership makes up 43%. The combined reach was male dominated (54%) above 25 years (72%) and SEC CDE which was 53%.

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