Press Relations Wing Of PIB

Press Relations Wing

Press Relations wing’s basic function is to provide necessary facilities to the journalists/media-persons.


Accreditation: Journalists are given accreditation, so that they have access to sources of information in the Government and also to news materials, written or pictorial, released by the PIB and/or other agencies of the Government of India.


Accreditation are given to the news media representatives in accordance with “The Central Press Accreditation Rules 1999” as per eligibility conditions laid down and with due approval of the Central Press Accreditation Committee.


Central Press Accreditation Committee: The Central Press Accreditation Committee consists of Principal Information Officer as chairperson and a maximum of 19 other members representing different journalists associations/unions.


Renewal of Accreditation: The accreditation cards will be valid upto 31st December and have to be renewed every year by applying for its renewal in the prescribed application form for renewal.


Publication of accreditation index & telephone directory: Accreditation Index and Telephone Directory containing various information viz. names, address, telephone numbers, fax numbers etc of all accredited media persons and media organisations are published every year and issued to all accredited media persons free of cost.  Accreditation Index is also placed on the PIB web site.


Mailing List: Name and addresses of all accredited media persons and media organisations will be put on the mailing list so that all the news materials, written or pictorial released by PIB could be sent to them regularly.


Custom Duty Exemption: Accredited media persons and news agencies are entitled to custom duty exemption on import of professional equipment in accordance with the Ministry of Finance Notification, issued from time to time.


Telephone Connections on Priority: Accredited media persons will get telephone connections on priority on the recommendation of PIB.


Railway Concession: Accredited media persons get concession in railway fare to perform journey for professional purpose.


Central Government Health Scheme: The facility of Central Government Health Scheme is allowed by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to all accredited media persons.


Journalists Welfare Fund: There is a journalists’ welfare fund being maintained by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. It is operated in accordance with the prescribed guidelines


Press Lounge: Press Lounge with all facilities such as newspapers/magazines, PTI/UNI’s current news, TV and a work room with computers and internet facility available to accredited media persons for professional use.


Conference hall: A fully equipped PIB conference hall situated at central place is available for press briefings/conference organised by different ministries and Government departments.


Special Accreditation: During international events or VVIP’s visit to India, special accreditation cards and other allied facilities are provided to media persons to enable them to cover the event effectively and smoothly.


Press Tours: Press tours are conducted by the PIB headquarter and its Regional/Branch offices to give publicity through media to various Government development schemes/ projects located all over India.


Residential Accommodation to Journalists: Government residential accommodation are made available to accredited media person in accordance with the guidelines laid down by the Ministry of Urban Development.


The hospitality grant is operated by PIO which is meant for hospitality of foreign/indian editors, correspondents, other categories of journalists etc. in the interest of official publicity.

Composition of Screening Committee:

Chairman: Principal Information Officer

Members: 1. Joint Secretary/Additional Secretary, Ministry of Urban Development

2.Director of Estates

3.Four journalists representing prominent national level Journalistic Associations/Federation


Our Helpline Number is 09350007111

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