Electronic Media Monitoring Centre


Electronic Media Monitoring Centre (EMMC), functioning under the Union Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, monitors and records the content of various channels, beaming over the Indian territories. Contents broadcast by these channels are monitored so that any violations of codes framed under the Cable television Network (Regulation) Act, 1995 could be checked.

Electronic Media Monitoring Centre was preceded by the Central Monitoring Service (CMS) whose tasks were to collect Open Source Intelligence and monitor news and news-based programmes of foreign radio stations in India. In 2008, Central Monitoring Services was replaced by Electronic Media Monitoring Centre (EMMC). Electronic Media Monitoring Centre is one of the youngest among the government-owned media units.

Presently, Electronic Media Monitoring Centre records around 300 TV channels and monitors about 180 channels on a 24×7 basis for the purposes of:

  • To check the violations by All TV channels uplinking and downlinking in India
  • Any other such works relating to monitoring of contents of broadcasting sector assigned by the Governments from time to time
Why Contents Need To Be Monitored

Protecting the citizens from undesirable content is a norm followed by all the leading States. Through appropriate monitoring channel, all developed democracies of the world regulate the broadcasting sector and the content being broadcast.

In India, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting has been entrusted with task of regulating the content. Need to regulate content arise in response to grievances and complaints coming from different quarters, and court intervention. Cable Television Networks (Regulation) Act has identifies several codes which must be adhered to by all broadcasting entities. The revised up-linking guidelines and down-linking guidelines for channels beamed at Indian viewers also require monitoring of violations and remedial measures thereto.

Social policy goods provided via public and commercial broadcasting channels include:

  • Children’s programming
  • Regional and local content
  • Documentary programming
  • Cultural /Language programming

Reality shows and feature films, news, sport, documentaries and other information programming such as talk shows, music videos and variety programming. All the above require constant monitoring for violations and for protection of the viewers’ rights.

Monitoring & Security of Violations: Electronic Media Monitoring Centre has been equipped with Satellitte Dishes, Satellite TV Monitoring System comprising Loggers, Editing system, Servers and Channel Monitoring set up, and Data Storage facility. It readies the Centre to store the broadcast content of TV channels for 90 days and review the same as and when required.

Monitoring & Scrutiny of Violations: Electronic Media Monitoring Centre provides reports on violations along with the recorded clips to the Scrutiny Committee. The Scrutiny Committee examines those violations and forwards its findings to the Ministry of I&B and other bodies for further action. Electronic Media Monitoring Centre identifies topical matters of immense public importance and generates daily reports to the Ministry for evaluation and for taking action, if necessary. In addition, the Centre helps other ministries and organizations of Government of India to assess public opinion on issues of national and international importance.

Special Reports: From time to time, Electronic Media Monitoring Centre prepares Special Reports on the coverage in various television channels of relevant issues and events that concern the Government.

Human Resource Management: Through One Week Orientation Programme, Electronic Media Monitoring Centre trains the newly inducted staff. Besides, a Refresher Programme is being conducted to enhance the expertise and upgrade the skills of the existing personnel.

National Integration Week: Electronic Media Monitoring Centre celebrated the National Integration Week (19th to 24th November 2012) – Quami Ekta – with special homage to Shri Rabindranath Tagore, as part of the year-long celebrations to commemorate the 150th birth anniversary of the Nobel Laureate.

Future Plans
  • Upgrading Technical Infrastructure
  • Monitoring & Regulation of broadcast content of Private FM Radio
  • Increase the number of TV channels monitored to 1500
  • Establishment of EMMC Research and Analysis Wing (RAW)
  • Establishment of Training Cell
  • Collaboration with other Media Institutions

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