Catch News launches online news portal in Hindi

The online news venture from The Patrika Group -Catch News has  launches its Hindi portal recently that will focus on quality news content.
Siddharth Kothari, Director, Catch News, said, ” Patrika group started as a newspaper but it is today a credible news platform using various verticals, its credibility that is the common denominator and first priority for us”.
Shoma Chaudhury, Editor In Chief, Catch News, said, “This vision & approach for Catch News has worked practically, Catch News has hit 3.5 million unique visitors in just Five Months. That’s really exciting because those are not just numbers: they are readers. And this is just the start of the journey. Catch News looks forward to cracking open the full potential of the internet. We’d like to come up with even newer ways of story-telling and become inseparable from a reader’s need to understand what’s happening in India — if not the world.”

Vinny Ganju , COO ,Catch News, said “This is just a start, we have an enthusiastic team that works day and night towards creating a benchmark in the industry. We have crossed 3.5 million UVs in a short span of five months. Nearly 35 percent of the readers are from outside India and interestingly 40 percent readers are female, giving us edge over other news websites who target and attract large unfiltered traffic”

He added, “Catch which will focus on quality featured editorial with long reads, Video and audio content.  The idea behind Catch Hindi is to reach out to millions of readers in Hindi domain who have very few avenues to consume quality serious news content Thanks to sea of Hindi news websites and generic trivial content that gets published with only traffic numbers as objective leaving no room for real journalism in Online news space barring a few established names.  We are here to change the Hindi news landscape.”

Our Helpline Number is 09350007111

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