More music, less ads for Mirchi T3 listeners at IGI Airport

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Keeping with its reputation for innovation in radio programming, Radio Mirchi has joined hands with Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) to set up a 24-hour custom-produced airport radio station. The music on the station will be co-curated by Radio Mirchi and music directors Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy. The handpicked melodies will cater to the discerning listeners without too many ad interruptions.

The station will be functioning on a select advertising budget. “We are starting out with 55 minutes of music with 3-4 minutes of advertising,” said Mahesh Shetty, Chief Operating Officer at Radio Mirchi.
The music will be deeply Indian, yet truly global, consisting of subcontinental independent bands. The idea is to make the experience soothing and pleasing for the traveller.
“It’s a visionary move by the management and we hope the music will create its own buzz. Mirchis has always been ahead of the curve in offering innovative audio content, and with Mirchi T3 we are confident that the premium Mirchi experience goes up a few notches,” added Prashant Panday, CEO and Managing Director, ENIL-Radio Mirchi.
Music Directors Shankar, Ehsaan, Loy who will help in deciding the playlists for the station, said, “We are happy to present the songs to a distinguished and discerning audience and have joined hands with Radio Mirchi to co-curate this feed.”
When asked why he chose to collaborate with Radio Mirchi for this initiative, I Prabhakara Rao, CEO, DIAL, said, “We wanted to make the passenger’s experience at the airport truly delightful and Radio Mirchi and DIAL were on the same wavelength about the content. We are proud to bring this rich experience to our passengers.”
With content that aims to be relatable yet exotic, Mirchi T3 hopes to hit the right notes with travellers passing through T3.



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