Camera Techniques

This post looks at some of the tips to keep your video camera stable when you don’t have a tripod.

1) Rope Support
You can use an 8×12 foot rope, form it into a loop and hang is over the lens at the position where is mounted to the camera body. Let the rest of the rope to the ground and step on it with your foot. Pull the camera up tight and keep it that way while shooting.

2) Firm surface
Place the camera on a firm surface while shooting. It could be a table, rock, bean bag or pillow. Adjust the lens a little to get the best shot.

3) Using Pressure
Find some firm and immobile surfaces like the wall or a tree. Hold the camera against it to keep it firm.

4) Using the body
Position the body firmly and using it as a center of gravity. Spread the legs to the shoulder width and attempt to shoot sideways. Use low angle with the knee and the hand as support of the camera.


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